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Rehoming your pet

Before surrendering your pet to the Animal Shelter, please consider the following: 

Resources for pet owners during COVID-19:

If you want to keep your pet but are unable to due to financial, personal health, new baby, moving, military deployment, crises,  or domestic violence issues, please visit, for resources that may be available to you, tips and ideas for keeping your pet despite life disruption and hardships. 

Additional domestic violence specific resources: ,

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Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision, there are many reasons families may have to give up a pet. However, sometimes there are alternatives that would fit both humans and animals better.

Try re-homing your pet:


If you are surrendering for behavioral reasons, Kelley Bollen - behaviorist and shelter supporter has graciously provided some reading material and resources. Find those here 

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If you are unable to find a home for your pet, and you have made the tough decision to surrender to the Hayward Animal Shelter, you must call the shelter at 510.293.7200 first. There may be a waiting list that requires at least 3 weeks before an animal can be brought in. Animal Services will accept owner-surrendered animals from incorporated City of Hayward residents ONLY. To surrender your animal you must be at least 18 years of age, provide a current driver's license, and provide proof that you own the animal you are surrendering. 

After a four (4) day minimum hold, your pet may be put up for adoption, transferred to another adoption facility or rescue group, or humanely euthanized.


  • $87 fee for each adult animal;

  • For an adult animal with a litter under 10 weeks old, the fee is $87 for the adult and $13 per additional animal in the litter.


If your pet needs to be euthanized, please contact your local veterinarian or explore owner-surrender euthanasia options. 

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