Adopt your new best friend!


       * Adopted animals cannot go home until they are sterilized. Animals               are sterilized after adoption on the next available surgery date.


       * For the final adoption to occur, all members of the household,                       including other dogs (if you are interested in a dog,) will need to                   meet the potential new addition to your family. 


       * Please bring your current photo identification, either California                     Driver's license, or California Identification card.

       * If you rent, make sure to include your landlord or property manager's           information, as we will contact them before any adoption goes                       through.

       * In order for any adoption to be finalized, you will have to provide                   proof of address, if your identification doesn't have the address, you             may provide a utilities bill, or a lease agreement. 


We stop paperwork and adoptions a half hour before closing. 


Please try to show up by 3:30pm to ensure enough time for the application process, meeting the animal you're interested in, and processing paperwork if an adoption occurs.  Please show up by 3pm if you also need to bring in your dog(s) to meet the dog you're interested in.  If you show up later than the recommended times, we will likely only be able to start the process and then ask you to come back during the next business day to finalize.  There is no guarantee the animal will still be available when you come back, as we do not hold animals if the application is not fully approved.  

Be sure to give consideration to our many special needs animals, which due to neglect, require some extra "TLC" and commitment. These pets are anxious to find a loving home.


Be sure to check out our Events page to find out the upcoming adoption events or specials

Click the PDF button below to download our adoption application

See available dogs here.

Dog Adoption Fees:
Male $158.50
Female $193.50


Dog adoptions include a 5 in 1 canine vaccination, Bordatella vaccination, rabies vaccination, microchip for identification, sterilization and Hayward dog license (for Hayward residents only.) 

See available cats here.


Cat Adoption Fees:

Male $102.00
Female $122.00



Cat adoptions include a 5 in 1 feline vaccination, sterilization, a cardboard cat carrier, and a microchip

See available animals here.


Rabbit Adoption Fees:

Male or Female $50.00


Rabbit adoptions include the sterilization and cardboard carrier for transport.

We also have other types of animals for adoption such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, birds, and reptiles. These adoptions begin at $20.00.

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