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Short Term Foster

First and foremost, THANK YOU for gifting your time to our shelter animals!


As a foster caregiver, your work is invaluable in saving lives.


A foster caregiver’s role is to love, care for, learn about and help market foster pets to adopters. Many animals suffer behaviorally, mentally, emotionally and physically in a shelter setting and a foster home can change the game for them. By taking them out for a sleepover or vacation, our temporary residents can exert pent up energy, decompress from a sometimes-stressful shelter environment, as well as be mentally stimulated to new experiences and people! As a result, our animals are less anxious or exuberant when they meet potential adopters and we gain valuable information about their behaviors outside of the shelter that we can use to further promote them for adoption into permanent homes.  

Short term foster and sleepover manual

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