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Spay and Neuter

An estimated 5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters each year.  That’s one about every six and one half seconds.There are not enough homes for all the unwanted pets that are born, so spaying and neutering your pets can alleviate pet overpopulation.


The Hayward Animal Services Bureau encourages pet owners to

sterilize their pets.  Spaying or Neutering pets will prevent unwanted

litters and reduce the number of pets needlessly euthanized in shelters

each year.


Why spay or neuter your pet?


It’s good for your pet:

  • Helps dogs and cats live longer and healthier lives.

  • Can eliminate or reduce incidence of some health problems that can lead to expensive treatments.

  • Eliminates the possibility of uterine and testicular cancer and generally reduces the incidence of mammary tumors and prostate disease


It’s good for you:

You may never have to deal with:

  • Stains on rugs and furniture from a female “in heat” 

  • Makes cats less likely to spray and mark territory

  • Other animals in your yard, attracted by your female pet

  • A litter of puppies/kittens which you must care for and find homes for

  • Makes your pets less likely to bite

  • Makes pets less likely to run away, roam the neighborhood and get into fights

  • Reduces the cost of animal licensing fees

  • Sterilized pets are not subject to additional state surcharges if impounded at the shelter

    View a map of spay/neuter programs nationwide: 


Spay / Neuter Vouchers


Visit our voucher page here for resources
on how to obtain low cost spay and neuter servicesfor your pet. 

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