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The shelter uses software that automatically uploads a picture to 24PetConnect. It is recommended to check the site daily as it updates frequently.

If you are planning on keeping the animal at your house while you look for the owner you will need to make a found animal report with local animals shelters, and have the animal scanned for a microchip at vet office or animal shelter. 

Tips for a Lost Animal



If you have lost you animal you can search for it online on 24petconnect.com

Instructions for 24PetConnect: 

1. Enter your zip code and hit "enter" button. This will bring up animal shelters in your area that post animals on 24PetConnect

(*Note: Not all animal shelters use 24PetConnect so it is still a good idea to reach out to your local shelter directly to see if your animal came in) 

2. Select the shelters you want and then click "search selected shelters" 

3.  For "Search Type" click "Lost my Pet" 

4.  For "Choose Animal Type" select the species you lost then click "Search Now" 


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Next, try to locate the owner before you bring the animal to a shelter. 

Post a photo and "found pet" ad with FindingRover, Nextdoor, and in local lost and found animal groups on Facebook and other social media.


               Facebook groups and pages:

                          Hayward Area Lost & Found Pets Facebook group


                            Hayward, CA - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets Facebook page


Lost and Found pets/rescue animals(BAY AREA) Facebook group

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You can use Hayward GIS and AlCo Parcel Viewer to help you determine jurisdictions. 


On Hayward GIS, incorporated Hayward is shaded beige, unincoporated and non-Hayward areas  are whited out. 

Please use the guide below to determine which shelter to bring the animal to. 

If the Animal was Found in...                 the shelter the animal                                                                                    should go to...

Incorporated City of Hayward

Hayward Animal Shelter

16 Barnes Court, Hayward CA

(510) 293 - 7200

Unincorporated Hayward

Unincorporated San Leandro*

San Lorenzo

Castro Valley

East County Animal Shelter

4695 Gleason Drive, Dublin CA

Shelter: (925) 803 - 7040

Field Services: (510) 667 - 7763


Union City


*Incorporated San Leandro's lost and found animals are being housed at East Bay SPCA Oakland

Tri-City Animal Shelter

1950 Stevenson Blvd. Fremont CA

(510) 790 - 6640


Oakland Animal Services

1101  29th Ave, Oakland

(510) 535 - 5602


Alameda Animal Shelter

1590 Fortmann Way, Alameda, CA 

(510) 337 - 8565


Lost and Found animals