Kitten Foster Program

(Looking for Kitten Care Tips? Scroll down!) 

To sign up for fostering please download and fill out the .pdf  You can email a filled out application to or return a completed form to the shelter at 16 Barnes Ct. Hayward CA 94544

Interested in becoming a foster parent for underage kittens? 

The purpose of being a foster parent is to provide a temporary home for kittens that are not old enough for adoption. Some kittens require special needs such as bottle feeding, socializing, or medical attention. We will make sure to match the right kitten or kittens to fit your home.

For more information please direct your questions to the front desk of the shelter, you can also email questions to


Thank you for your interest

Caring for Kittens

Your crash course in everything kitten. 

Caring for kittens is one of the cutest and most rewarding challenges a foster parent can undertake (besides caring for puppies). Whether you are a first-time kitten foster or seasoned foster parent, here you'll find lots of  resources to make you a kitten expert in no time.  

Kitten Foster


Kitten Video Resource List


Kitten Crash Courses


These webinars collect all the a-la-cart videos below into three overview webinars that take you step by step through caring for kittens from bottle to weaning and beyond. Great for first time fosters or as a refresher for seasoned kitten caretakers. 

Quick Links


The supply list and collection of videos below let you pick and choose which information you want to learn about or refresh yourself on.

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