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TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) Services and Programs


Got cats? 


Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) of community cats to their outdoor homes is the most humane and effective approach to managing and reducing community cat populations over time. The outdated trap-and-remove method simply does not work. Scientific studies show that TNR improves the lives of community cats, improves their relationships with people who live near them, and decreases the size of colonies over time.  

In our City, we assist with TNR of our community cats: For Information on our TNR program and how it works, click HERE

*All cats fixed through this program will also receive FVRCP and Rabies vaccinations, a topical flea preventative, an identification microchip and have their ear tipped, which is the universal indicator that the cat has been fixed. 


Additional requirements: 

  • Program applies to feral, unsocialized community cats within the city limits of Hayward. 

  • Services are provided on Thursdays and Fridays. Appointments with HASB are required.  

  • Cats must be presented in a humane trap. Humane traps are available to borrow from Hayward Animal Services Bureau for a $100 cash. The deposit is fully refundable when the trap is returned.  

  • Cats must be picked up the same evening.  

  • Some cats will require an overnight recovery inside a home, garage, or other warm location. HASB will provide information on how to recover a community cat. For more information on recovery click HERE

  • Once recovered, cats must be released to the location where they were trapped. 

  • If the cat requires additional treatment or surgical procedures, those fees will be the responsibility of the cat’s caregiver. If no caregiver has been identified, Hayward Animal Services Bureau will make the decision on whether to proceed with the additional treatment or surgical procedure or authorize the cat to be humanely euthanized.  


Visit our TNR page to learn more about TNR, how it works, the vacuum effect, and find more resources.  



To speak with someone about these programs, or other programs or to request an animal services neighborhood meeting, call 510-293-7200 or email  

California FOR ALL ANIMALS Grant Program 

Hayward Animal Services Bureau (HASB) was recently awarded grant funding from California for All Animals to support and expand our community cat TNR program. 


Under the stipulations of the grant, HASB has created two sub-programs to provide FREE services for community cats in the following categories: 


1. Feral Community Cats with a known caregiver who is low-income: the City of Hayward low-income community cat caregivers can qualify for services for up to 5 feral community cats. To see if you qualify, fill out the following form and a HASB representative will contact you. Find the form HERE (We are not currently taking new applicants) 


2. Feral Community Cats in neighborhoods with no known caregiver - Neighborhoods in the City of Hayward that have community     cats, where the caregiver is unknown, may qualify for services for up to 10 feral community cats. Neighborhood participation is encouraged. Please fill out the following form and a HASB representative will contact you.

Find form HERE 

(We are not currently taking new applicants) 

Feral Cat Spaying & Neutering

Humane Society of Silicon Valley

(408) 262-2133

Nine Lives Foundation, Redwood City

(650) 368-1365

Animal Fix Clinic

(510) 215-9300

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