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SantaCon Hayward


About SantaCon Hayward

SantaCon Hayward supports the Hayward Animal Shelter, and funds from the event, as well as corporate sponsorships, help the shelter and the animals.

Every year some of the animal shelter's longer term residents are sponsored by SantaCon Hayward, to lower the adoption cost, and get them out of the shelter into "Fur"ever homes. 


SantaCon Hayward puts on several fundraising events each year such as SantaCon, LepreCon, and ZombieCon.

Examples of past SantaCon Sponsored Adoption Events include the Christmas in July Adoption Event, Home for the Holidays adoption event, and St. Pittie's Day adoption event. 


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About SantaCon (General) 

A SantaCon is simply a gathering of people dressed as Santa and if it's open to the public it's listed on

Traditionally, SantaCon is free to attend, however, some events have costs that need to be covered and the organizers ask for a contribution. Others are held in support of a good cause and also have a mandatory contribution. 

The first SantaCon was hosted in San Francisco in 1994. 

Since then hundreds of SantaCon's have been hosted across the nation. Many of these events stimulate local economies and raise money for charities, but at the heart of the event it's all about having fun! 

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Collages of Past SantaCon Hayward Events

and Past SantaCon Hayward Sponsored Adoption Events. 

(for the latest events check out our Upcoming Events Page and Fundraiser's Page)


Past SantaCon Hayward Sponsored Events

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