A Message about the shelter and the current tiers for Alameda County

We do encourage making appointments for renewing or purchasing licenses, for purchasing vouchers, or adoption interests. We are allowing a limited number of people into the shelter.

COVID-19 – Hayward Animal Services reintroduces services.


In order to help keep our staff, volunteers, and members of our community safe, Hayward Animal Services is implementing the following measures to reduce exposure and further spread of COVID-19.


Field Services​


  •   All regular services have resumed. During regular business hours, you can reach the shelter at 510-293-7200. If there is an emergency and it is not regular business hours you can contact 911 or the Hayward Police Dispatch line at 510-293-7000


Animal Shelter Services


  •  The Animal Shelter is now and has been providing services to the public and has several wonderful animals in need of loving homes.


  • Entry into the shelter may be limited, in certain tiers we are allowing no more than 2 households and limited to 6 people. Some services being provided are encouraged to be done by appointment. Please contact our office by phone (510-293-7200) or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 



  • If you are missing a pet or are interested in adopting a pet, please visit www.petharbor.com and view online the animals currently in our shelter BEFORE coming to the shelter. Photos and information is updated hourly. Lost pet profiles and flyers can be submitted via email to animal.services@Hayward-ca.gov.


  • To obtain a dog license or renew an existing license, please mail your dog’s rabies certificate, spay/neuter certificate, and payment to 16 Barnes Ct. Hayward. CA or contact the shelter to schedule an appointment. Your receipt, certificates, and tag will be mailed back to you upon processing. For information about how to obtain a dog license can be found at https://www.hayward-ca.gov/services/city-services/obtain-dog-license.

  • All shelter coordinated events, tours, volunteer information, and volunteer orientation sessions have been postponed and may resume once approved by CDC guidelines

  • Shelter staff are continuing to provide excellent care to animals in the shelter, they have been with the animals since day 1 of the shelter in place, and have provided essential services along with care and support.

Shelter animal intake

  • Hayward Animal Services will accept owner surrenders, however, we should be a last resort. Please see our SURRENDER YOUR PET page for rehoming resources. 


  • Sick or injured dogs, cats/kittens, and cats/kittens considered to be at risk will still be accepted.

  • Healthy, stray dogs will still be accepted. If you find a stray dog, if possible, please try to locate an owner prior to turning it into the shelter. Call or email the shelter to file a found dog report with our office within eight (8) hours or schedule an appointment to have the dog scanned for a microchip. 

Personal pet precautions

  • According to the CDC, pets are currently NOT at risk for contracting the virus nor is there evidence that pets can spread the virus. However, the CDC and World Health Organization recommend limiting contact with pets if you become infected with the virus. Have an emergency plan in place for someone else to care for your pet if you become ill or are hospitalized. Have a crate, extra food or supplies on hand.

  • Make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing collars and identification tags at all times.

Ways to connect with our office:

Phone:  (510)293-7200

Email:    Animal.Services@Hayward-ca.gov

Access Hayward: https://user.govoutreach.com/hayward

View animals currently in our shelter at www.petharbor.com   (Site updates hourly.)

Visit: www.haywardanimals.org

Visit: www.hayward-ca.gov


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!